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Approaches with Erik Dalton
Myoskeltal Alignment Techniques

Tension, Trauma, Poor Posture

The main attribute responsible for breaking pain/ spasm/ pain cycles lies in the therapeutic integration of muscle balancing routines with unique joint-capsule techniques.

Erik Dalton has made major contributions to the somatic therapy field with his emphasis on treating stubborn pain conditions by mobilizing joints through muscle manipulation.

Dalton's explains that the body's myofascial and skeletal systems are inseparable.
One is always affected by the other.

Today's bodywork professional competing in a rapidly evolving therapeutic marketplace should learn:

  • How to assess and correct muscle imbalance patterns using Dr. Vladimir Janda's "Upper and Lower Crossed Syndromes".
  • How to safely integrate Golgi tendon, ligament friction, facet recoil, assisted stretching, and spindle techniques for holistic pain-relief
  • How to correct forward head postures, Dowager's Humps, SI Pain, scoliosis
  • How distorted postures develop from third-trimester fetal development
  • How dural-drag at the occiput, C2 and coccyx causes head, neck and hip pain
  • How to break neurological pain cycles with special Myoskeletal Receptor Techniques
  • How to integrate practice-building joint-capsule-releases (JCR)
  • How to evolve your clients to a new state of health... the Myoskeletal way!

The Myoskeletal method focuses on simple assessment of painful neck, low back, shoulder, arm, and hand conditions by searching for A.R.T. = Asymmetry, Restriction of motion, and Tissue texture abnormality. Treating pain without the goal of improving posture is generally regarded as a quick-fix and only a temporary solution for helping our clients in pain. Thankfully, the work of the great biomechanical researcher Vladimir Janda, M.D., has endowed the bodywork field with two very powerful tools for identifying muscle / imbalance strain patterns that lead to pain by causing body asymmetry.

It's not surprising that researchers discover Janda's dysfunctional upper and lower crossed postural patterns in approximately 75 percent of all clients reporting chronic neck, back, scapular, and hip pain. For over a decade, Dalton's "Dirty-Dozen" Myoskeletal Techniques have proven remarkably successful in correcting these painful agonist-antagonist muscle imbalance patterns.

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